Our artist of the week, JONNY WAN

is a self-taught digital artist based in Sheffield.

He abandoned the complex world of traditional art early on and embraced graphic illustration having been inspired by a love for 90’s cartoons, comic books and video games.

Jonny’s aesthetic has become recognizable due to his use of very tight geometrical and symmetrical pattern structures to form cultural, tribal and symbolic characters that reinterpret Chinese gods, myths or Mayan and Mesoamerican art.

Jonny’s early work was at first closer to drawing and traditional painting however his decision to move into digital imagery occurred later after leaving art college. So far he has had the opportunity to work with numerous brands and agencies including a clientele boasting the likes of Nike, Microsoft, Ford, Nokia and Audi.


His subject matter is strongly inspired by ancient art with hints of Cubism and Art Deco influence.

Jonny is part of the growing network of illustration artists that ONGallery represent. His prints are available to purchase framed or unframed from our website.

Click here to view Jonny’s artwork or you can also check out his website www.jonnywan.com.