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As Johnny Thornton recounts, "This image is of Regina Cheng. I did my original drawing many years before. I always do drawings of my images before I shoot them. This way I don't have to remember the idea. Many a time, its years before I shoot the image, sometimes marrying it with another idea. One of favourite Man Ray images came to mind 'Le Violon d'Ingres', although my photograph is in no way a copy of this iconic image but merely part of my inspiration. As I have said, 'The greatest thing an artist can do is inspire others' and I hope that my photograph goes on to inspire others. You may very well ask 'How did I do it?' That is not important. The important thing is that I did do it and for me Man Ray sums it up in this quote 'Some of the most complete and satisfying works of art have been produced when their authors had no idea of creating a work of art, but were concerned with the expression of an idea'."

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"I have come a long way but I have never been sure where I am going, but that's what makes life so interesting."

Johnny Thornton

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Photoshoot Details

Date    : 1997
Model : Regina Cheng


Printed on Fuji Lustre


Medium: 20 x 30 cm (8 x 12") | Edition: 35


The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


Certificate of Authenticity provided by The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


One-Off Edition Signed by Johnny Thornton. Limited Edition Prints with Facsimilie Signature available upon request. All Signed pieces have COA.

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Chelsea Black Frame (recommended)

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This piece is extremely rare and has limited availability. If you would like to take advantage and have some pieces from our collection, please contact us immediately. Once sold, there is no guarantee they will be available again any time in the near future.

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