As Johnny Thornton recounts, "I was given a grant by The Polaroid Corporation to produce some images I gained my influence from the paintings by Paul Delvaux, Magritte and the Los Angeles pool paints by David Hockney. As I say, "I don't take photographs, I make photographs", so the wall was constructed over a swimming pool in a naturist indoor pool in Wrotham Heath in Kent. Then a scaffold was built to span the pool and wall which would support me. So I was uncomfortably positioned shooting straight down, had the flash lighting fallen into the pool, the model, Nicky Howarth Dwek would be "Brown Dead"."

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"I have never considered being a photographer is a job, that's why I can happily say that I never had a job."

Johnny Thornton

Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Location : Wrotham Heath, Kent
Date        : 1976
Model     : Nicky Howarth Dwek


Frame: 52 cm x 72 cm | Medium
Image:  40 cm x 60 cm


The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


Certificate of Authenticity provided by The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


One-Off Edition Signed by Johnny Thornton. Limited Edition Prints with Facsimilie Signature available upon request. All Signed pieces have COA.

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