Shine on – how to get the lustrous look

As Creative Director for ONGallery I follow trends and style to help bring customers an up to date selection of images that reflect interiors today.

This month I have been focused on artwork that introduces metallic finishes – very much a continuing trend in 2016. Instantly create luxe glamour without being overelaborate, you can choose the art that reflects your personality.

View the ONGallery artwork selection in this months ONStyle and follow these ‘how to’ tips to create your luxe metallic look.

Mix metallics. It was often thought that mixing gold and silver was a big ‘no’ but with todays décor experts it is encouraged. Mixing metallic can add texture and dimension to your wall whilst giving a modern and elegant look. Maybe choose an artwork piece with a silver frame and place it alongside a piece which features a gold hue, you’ll be surprised how this balance works. Once you feel confident you can pull in a gold accent light fixture or silver coffee table to really achieve the metallic look in your space.

Be bold. If you are going to make a statement with metallic, be bold with your contrasts and go big with your size. At ONGallery our Diamond Dust Marilyn by Andy Warhol is 40” with frame, this is a great size for a stand alone piece above a fireplace or if you have a large wall add another a create a series.

Consider colour. Not all metallics have to be plain to jump on the gold accent bandwagon. Add an eclectic punch of colour with your artwork and choose to frame in a metallic finish to make it pop. ONGallery offer simple framing online, however with our personal curator service we can help you choose a custom frame finish that reflects your personal style and adds shine to your room, just contact