How to achieve luxe living – meet Maurizio Pellizzoni

Just his name oozes style, so when I had the pleasure to meet Maurizio Pellezzoni at the launch of the ONGallery Interior Designers Club, I can confirm that he is the smart, sophisticated gentleman you imagine, one who is making a huge impact today in the Interior Design world.

Born and raised on the shores of the beautiful Lake Como (the place where George Clooney has a summer home), Italian born Maurizio has been lucky enough to visit some of the most amazing villas on the Lake ever since he was a child. Those experiences have influenced him to become the elegant Interior Designer he is in London. This appreciation of style and design is applied to his consultancy company Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd which he started in 2007.

Taking his main inspiration from architecture, Maurizio always tries to respect and use the existing structure of the space to complement the interior style. This is true of his art choices made in the bachelor pad space, featured in GQ Magazine in July. He created a masculine ambience with a touch of luxury and adding colour throughout with the artwork.

Modern, timeless elegance are the key to all Maurizio’s projects, creating something unique for each client he works with. This certainly is drawn from his decade of experience at Ralph Lauren Home where he was part of the creative team presenting collections in London, Milan and Brussels.  Maurizio developed a meticulous eye for detail and complete understanding of how to create a luxe interior. It is no surprise that Maurizio’s signature style is a mixture of art and design finished with luxurious detailing of accessories and furnishings taken from one of his muses.

“The use of luxury metallic materials like bronze and copper are trending in interiors presently. These metal finishes became a little forgotten over recent years, but they are now back. They add extra texture and luxury to the interior world.”

Particularly effective in kitchen and bathroom spaces, the use of brass and rose-gold are dominant, bringing a resurgence in luxe living for 2016. Without being ostentatious the use of these materials redefine luxury, telling a story of authenticity and timelessness.

In our conversation, Maurizio tells me that more and more of his clients are asking for a comfortable space to live in. Gone are the days of a ‘show flat interior’ which most of the time are simply duplicates of each other without personality. His best advice to someone who is looking to restyle their space is to look at what you already own. “There will certainly be some nice pieces worth keeping, use them as your initial inspiration for your design.”

Kindly, and like the true gentleman he is, Maurizio lets me in on his top tips for achieving his style whilst keeping on trend.

  • Always understand the space
  • Choose luxury materials and finishes to create the homely luxe feel.
  • Artwork is very important and is a great way to bring colour into a room. Carefully choose the right pieces, framed artwork is the final layer and helps to create the soul and mood of your space.
  • Accessories are key, select some ‘wow’ pieces that complement each interior.
  • As a well-travelled and thoughtful man, Maurizio loves to experience different cultures. “I love art so I always end up bringing something new home for either myself or whilst sourcing for clients.”
  • I am excited to see what this passionate and trending designer will be bringing us over the coming years. With stunning and unique collaborations launching later this year in retail spaces such as Harrods, he is certainly one to watch and it was my pleasure to featurehim in ONTREND this month as he definitely is that.

For further interior advice from Maurizio Pellizzoni contact:

Maurizio Pellizzoni, Founder & Creative Director of Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd

T: 020 7352 3887