Playboy's 45th Anniversary Playmate

For PLAYBOY's 45th anniversary issue, the editors chose Jaime Bergman to reign as its queen.

This image was shot outside a barn in a Hidden Valley ranch. "We did her shooting around the fact that she was a rodeo competitor. This particular shot was not anything planned. There's a lot of serendipity to my shootings," says Wayda. "When I go on location, I see something and I'll say Let's do this or let's go here or let's try this. I don't really know what we're going to do until the model comes out of makeup and I see where the sun is, relative to her."

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"I always wanted to be a cowboy."


Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Model: Jamie Bergman

Playboy Playmate Title: Playmate of the Month January 1999, 45th Anniversary Playmate

Photographer: Stephen Wayda

Location: Hidden Valley, California, USA

Date: January 1999, Unpublished

A Unique Opportunity

If you love this artist and this beautiful artwork, get it now while you can. The pieces will not be made available again, making these a really limited collection.

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