Celebrating Helmut Newton Sneak Peek

A Mini-Documentary Series with Sylvia Gobbel

We are excited to present to you a sneak peek of a mini-documentary with Sylvia Gobbel, one of Helmut Newton’s well known and recognised models.

Born in Vienna, Austria, Sylvia Gobbel arrived in Paris when she was just 19 years old and had her first casting for French Vogue two weeks after arriving in Paris. She was featured in several of Helmut Newton’s photographs including Newton’s most iconic image “Sie Kommen”.

Sylvia Gobbel first met Helmut Newton during the casting for the “Sie Kommen” photoshoot and during the interview, Sylvia reveals her favorite top secret about the “Sie Kommen” shoot, how Newton chooses her models, her bond with Helmut and June Newton, fun anecdotes during her photoshoots with Newton and more.

The mini-documentary will be released soon and has some lovely insights into the relationship between Helmut and his “muse” Sylvia Gobbel.

Working with Helmut Newton: An Interview with Sylvia Gobbel

Signed Original Helmut Newton Photographs

In the first part of the series, Sylvia discusses how she came to be picked by Helmut out of a line up of 100 models and how this lead to her appearance in the iconic “Sie Kommen” photographs.

Sie Kommen (Naked)


Sie Kommen (Dressed)


More information about the exclusive interview can be found on our website ONGallery.com

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