About Andy Gotts

Andy Gotts MBE is a photographer based in London and New York. He is most noted for his unique style of portraiture and his subjects from the disciplines of film, fashion and music.

Gotts was born in 1971. He grew up in Norfolk, England and by the age of nine had become completely absorbed by the world of film. The acquisition of a second hand MAMIYA RB67 camera sealed his love of the art form and his natural aptitude lead him to seek out ways to combine his twin passions.

Whilst studying photography at college in 1990 opportunity arrived in the form of the actor, comedian and writer Stephen Fry who, during a visit to speak at the college, agreed to spare Gotts 90 seconds to take his photo. Fry’s notorious awkwardness and dislike of being photographed was dispelled when he viewed the resulting images and his affection for both the photographs and photographer led him to introduce Gotts to many friends in the industry and so the Unseen project was born.

It has carried on in the same way ever since and all the images in the collection have been acquired through recommendation from previous subjects.

Gotts’ unique style captures very private moments in time. His method is highly unusual in that he travels the world to photograph his subjects in their own home where they are most relaxed. He shoots completely alone with no assistants present allowing him to create the privacy and intimacy required to capture his subject in ways that are truly unseen.

To satisfy his desire to be true to his art form and document accurately what is in front of the lens none of his subjects are ever retouched after the shutter release has been activated.

"You don't have to dress like a pratt to be a fashion photographer."


Gotts is a former president of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and recipient of the prestigious Fox Talbot Award.

In 2012 Gotts was appointed MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is one of very few photographers to have been recognised by the Queen. Gotts’ recent work has included the official photography for the Monty Python Reunion and a project entitled “iCons” for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

A selection of his works are held in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery, London.


Getty Gallery 2005
Filmmuseum Potsdam 2006
BAFTA Somerset House 2014
The Lowry 2014
The Munro 2015