Matt Damon, 2003.Degrees Project

Matt Damon is such a sweet guy, there is no other way to describe him. George Clooney arranged for me to shoot him for my Degrees Project. The shoot was on the set of his Gilliam movie Brothers Grim. Matt was filming Bourne Supremacy and Brothers Grim simultaneously. When briefing Matt on the shoot I asked for more Bourne than Grim. For someone like Matt you don’t even need the 5 reels you bring. I think a lot of this comes down to him being such a good communicator you get what you want in 3 max. This was also a blessing as half way through the shoot Heath Ledger (his co star in the movie) came bounding it. Heath did his best to distract Matt but Matt being the true pro got what we needed whilst still humoring his buddy. I then used the rest of my reels to shoot Heath, and Matt and Heath together, which was a very special and memorable shoot.

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"All you need is twenty seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it."


Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Location : On the Set of The Brothers Grimm
Date        : 2003
Artist       : Matt Damon


Giclée fine art print.


Small: 51 x 61 cm (20 x 24") | Edition: 70

Medium: 76 x 102 cm (30 x 40") | Edition: 50

Large: 102 x 152 cm (40 x 60") | Edition: 30


Each print is signed, numbered and embossed by the artist.

Framing Options

Black or white painted ash frames with a matt lacquer.

A Unique Opportunity

If you love this artist and this beautiful artwork, get it now while you can. The pieces will not be made available again, making these a really limited collection.

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Born on October 8, 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Matt Damon's acting career took off after starring in and writing 1997's Good Will Hunting with friend Ben Affleck. The duo won an original screenplay Oscar for the project.

Damon has since acted in a wide range of movies, including the popular Ocean's Eleven and Jason Bourne series.

Other major projects on his roster have included The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Adjustment Bureau, Behind the Candelabra and the Golden Globe-winning blockbuster The Martian, with the latter directed by Ridley Scott.