Samuel L. Jackson, 2001.Degrees Project

It was shot on Rodeo Drive at Samuel's publicist. To this day I have never understood why they flew me to LA from London to shoot Samuel who was doing the shoot on his way to the airport to fly to London. It was instantaneous the minute Samuel entered the building. The atmosphere lifted as he addressed every member of staff on his way through the building. You could also not miss him with his bright orange cap, tshirt and green shorts. I got the measure of Samuel very quickly when he insisted on making a phone call before the shoot. Only to inform me he needed a new suit and so was sending flowers to his tailor's wife for his troubles. After a quick wardrobe change we began shooting. Samuel being a busy man was on his phone. Yet this did not stop him giving me what I wanted while he chatted on loud speaker between shots. And by the time his call had ended the shoot was a wrap and it all had been done on an office swivel chair. Samuel oozes charm and coolness. He has a wonderful ability to make you feel good about yourself, it's a real privilege to be in his company.

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"The best advice that was given to me was that I had to be 10 times smarter, braver, and more polite to be equal. So I did."


Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Location : Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles
Date        : 2001
Artist       : Samuel L. Jackson


Giclée fine art print.


Small: 51 x 61 cm (20 x 24") | Edition: 70

Medium: 76 x 102 cm (30 x 40") | Edition: 50

Large: 102 x 152 cm (40 x 60") | Edition: 30


Each print is signed, numbered and embossed by the artist.

Framing Options

Black or white painted ash frames with a matt lacquer.

A Unique Opportunity

If you love this artist and this beautiful artwork, get it now while you can. The pieces will not be made available again, making these a really limited collection.

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Samuel L. Jackson was born on December 21, 1948 in Washington, D.C. He was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee by his grandmother.

Jackson graduated from Morehouse College in 1972 and performed skits about racial inequality with a theatre company.

He moved to New York City where his friendship with Spike Lee helped him land his first movie gigs. In 1994, he had landed a role in the cult hit, Pulp Fiction.

By the age of 63, he had appeared in more than 100 films, and in 2011 he was named the highest grossing actor of all time with more than $7.2 billion in wealth.