Clematis is a Greek word that means "a climbing plant". The clematis symbolizes ingenuity or artifice, mental beauty, and poverty. Clematis is also known as "Traveller's Joy" in other countries such as Russia and Bulgaria. Japanese garden selections were the first exotic clematises to reach European gardens, in the 18th century.

The stunning centre of a Clematis, this shot was taken in Lossenham Manor, Newenden, Kent, UK.

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"A good friend and great photographer once gave me a backhanded compliment when out on a shoot together, saying: "I will probably always be technically better than you with a camera, but you will always get the better shots as you see things I simply don't…"."


Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Location : Lossenham Manor, Newenden, Kent, UK


Printed on Fuji Fine Art Photo Rag 300gsm


Small: 41 x 41 cm (16 x 16")

Medium: 76 x 76 cm (30 x 30")

Framing Options

Soho Black Frame

A Unique Opportunity

If you love this artist and this beautiful artwork, get it now while you can. The pieces will not be made available again, making these a really limited collection.

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