Bathtub Escape

Thornton recounts, "I was given a grant by The Polaroid Corporation to produce images on their film, so I built a room in the swimming pool of naturist couple in Wrotham Heath in Kent. It was far from an easy affair as a bath does not float and will turn over, so that's where my days of yachting came in and I attached a keel made of stage weights. The model was Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma, who became famous as being a wifelet of The Marquess of Bath. Once again I love the thought of the impossible to make an image. I have said it before, but this is for real as Photoshop did not exist in 1976. I do realise that Photoshop has its place but for me it's an instant solution to making an image. I don't produce Photoshop photographs. I believe in what I call "Real Photographs" or maybe that should be "Real Photographs of Unreal Situations".


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"Madness makes the world a more interesting place."

Johnny Thornton

Artwork Highlights


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Photoshoot Details

Location : Wrotham Heath, Kent
Date        : 1976
Model     : Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma


Printed on Fuji Lustre


Small: 30 x 46 cm (12 x 18") | Edition: 300

Medium: 61 x 91 cm (24 x 36") | Edition: 200

Large: 102 x 152 cm (40 x 60") | Edition: 100

Framing Options

Soho White Frame (recommended)

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