"I had seen a copy of the Mae West Lips sofa that Dali was commissioned to produce by Edward James", Johnny Thornton recounts, "Edward was a passionate and early supporter of surrealism and provided practical support to Dali for about two years and allowed Magritte to stay in his London house to paint. He then went on to build 'Las Pozas' which comprised scores of surreal concrete structures set in more than 80 acres in the Mexican rain forest which was built at a cost of more than $5 million between 1949 and 1984. To pay for it, he sold his collection of surrealist art. The image depicts my love of my then girlfriend Alex, who was to become my wife, however it tells its own story with the red letter by a heart and a picture frame with a ripped photograph. I have always said "If you can make people stop and wonder what is going on, the image gains another dimension"."

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"Those who lose dreaming are lost."

Johnny Thornton

Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Date : 1970


Printed on Fuji Lustre


Small: 41 x 41 cm (16 x 16") | Edition: 300

Medium: 76 x 76 cm (30 x 30") | Edition: 200

Large: 102 x 102 cm (40 x 40") | Edition: 100

Framing Options

Soho Black Frame (recommended)

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