As Johnny Thornton recounts, "Nicky Howarth Dwek and I went to Wiltshire as a friend had a cottage on The Easton Grey House Estate owned by Peter Saunders. We wandered down by the Avon River that flows through the estate and found this deserted mill, within which was a room, the walls of which where covered in peeling paint, the only thing inside was an old rickety chair. I had taken with me a pair of mannequin's hands, a pair of stockings and a bust of Beethoven - the sort of things that one typically takes on a bucolic walk, so the image really did happen down by the old millstream."

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"Being a good photographer and making great image that stays in your memory is not that easy."

Johnny Thornton

Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Date    : 1973
Model : Nicky Howarth Dwek


Frame: 42 cm x 52 cm | Small
Image: 40 cm x 30 cm


The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


Certificate of Authenticity provided by The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


One-Off Edition Signed by Johnny Thornton. Limited Edition Prints with Facsimilie Signature available upon request. All Signed pieces have COA.

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