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"There is a photograph everywhere, the big problem is that most people rush by and never give themselves time to take in what is in front of their eyes."

Johnny Thornton

A quick interlude

The Star of the Show

Along with the limited edition prints, we also have a one-of-a-kind Carbro printed piece.

It is absolutely stunning.

This is incredibly unique, we have been informed the price to the general public is £24,000.

But, as ONGallery is acting as the agent for the Trust, no VAT is applicable, currently.

Once these works are added to our main sales website, we will be required to add VAT which will increase the price by 20%.

Time is of the essence if you want to take advantage of this though!

Carbro Printing:

The principles of carbro printing were laid down in the 1860's. Because it is such a time-consuming process, it gradually lost popularity when other, more expedient processes became available.

It consists of making individually the elements of a highlight, mid-tone and shadow of a negative in a pigmented gelatin layer. Each of these layers are then combined in register to re- create the final image. This image, consisting of translucent layers, can be laid down on to various different substrates such as paper, metal or wood. The image exhibits a physical topographical relief which is more pronounced the smoother the substrate. The pigment used is charcoal which will never fade This archivability is further enhanced by the fact that there is no residual chemistry in the print, only gelatin and pigment. To make each print takes a total of some 2 days work spread over some 15 days. It should be pointed out that when a print is made onto an aluminium panel, this is not a paper print that is then mounted onto metal, but a photographic image that is created on the metal itself.

In the present times where digital prints such as ink-jet and lite–jet and lambda are easy to produce and therefore very common; we have seen, as with platinum prints, that prints made in Carbro have an 'added value' to collectors, and they are willing to invest in this. Because each print in an edition is individually crafted, there are subtle variations in them that make each a unique 'one-off'.

Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Date : 2012


Frame: 135 cm x 115 cm | Large
Image: 80 cm x 66 cm


The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


Certificate of Authenticity provided by The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


One-Off Edition Signed by Johnny Thornton. Limited Edition Prints with Facsimilie Signature available upon request. All Signed pieces have COA.

Framing Options

This piece comes framed and ready to ship

Your Investment Opportunity

This piece is extremely rare and has limited availability. If you would like to take advantage and have some pieces from our collection, please contact us immediately. Once sold, there is no guarantee they will be available again any time in the near future.

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