Shelley with Water, Umbrella and Colour Bars

This was shot on Polaroid film, courtesy of a generous grant that came from Polaroid via Elko Wolf, a director at the company. "I shot it using a Mamiya 6x7", Thornton says. It depicts Shelley Stevens, styled in a green dress drenched in water. A yellow umbrella floats to her right as if she has just let go of it to protect herself against the water. Perhaps most striking about the photograph are its colours- greens bouncing of orange tiled walls, and the colour testers adding an abstract touch to the artwork. Thornton goes on to note that "for the show at Reading Room in Soho we needed prints, so we copied it to a transparency by re-photographing the original. When I was checking the printing, the shot appeared with the colour bars on either side for registration. I decided against cutting them off because I loved the effect. The model was Shelley Stevens, hence the title created itself."

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"It rains on the rich some times, but they can always get someone to hold their umbrella."

Johnny Thornton

Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Date    : 1980
Model : Shelley Stevens


Printed on Fuji Lustre


Small: 41 x 51 cm (16 x 20") | Edition: 300

Medium: 61 x 76 cm (24 x 30") | Edition: 200

Large: 102 x 127 cm (40 x 50") | Edition: 100


The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


Certificate of Authenticity provided by The Image Thornton Fine Art Photography Archive Trust


One-Off Edition Signed by Johnny Thornton. Limited Edition Prints with Facsimilie Signature available upon request. All Signed pieces have COA.

Framing Options

Soho Black frame (recommended)

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