Creating your signature style

by Samantha Warner, Design Director ONGallery

I take inspiration from everything around me – residential spaces, personal travel, art galleries or beautiful hotels. One of the most trending and favourite brands to be inspired by today is the Soho House Group. Insane style is one thing that draws this look together, showcasing eclectic contemporary and modern art with unexpected bursts of colour to keep you interested.

Curating a collection of prints in the Soho House style makes a statement in any room, it is the first thing people notice when they enter and it says a lot about you. The style is not a neutral look, but made up of earthy and heritage tones.

ONGallery is dedicated to bringing you new and exciting work, in styles to suit everyone. This week, let me introduce you to the exciting new talents of Felicia Simion, David King Reuben, Anna Higgie and the legendary Helmut Newton – all very Soho House.

Buying online from us is easy and straightforward. Take some time to browse through our fabulous portfolio of artists, make your selection and we’ll do the rest, printing, framing, packaging and delivered free to your door. All our works are authentic limited edition prints, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist or the artist’s estate.

So be inspired and create your signature style.


Helmut Newton, Shoe
From £1,800

David King Reuben, Waves
From £200

Helmut Newton, Woman examining man poster
From £195

Helmut Newton, Charlotte Rampling
From £1,200

Anna Higgie, Ace 1
From £69

Felicia Simion, The Doppleganger
From £125