Sweetheart of the Month

Without question, the most famous PLAYBOY photograph of all time, is this image, for which Marilyn said she had "nothing but the radio on." Photographed by pinup photographer Tom Kelley, it was titled "Golden Dreams."

As the story goes, the young model was loaned $5 by the photographer, who found her stranded on the side of the road one day, her car broken down. She returned the money to his studio and he convinced her to model for him on the spot. In a two-hour session on May 27, 1949, Kelley photographed young Norma Jean in several provocative poses on a red velvet backdrop. Because of post office restrictions limiting distribution, the image was rarely seen outside of the backroom walls of autorepair shops.

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"She is natural sex personified."


Artwork Highlights

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Photoshoot Details

Model: Marilyn Monroe

Playboy Playmate Title: Miss December 1953

Photographer: Tom Kelley

Location: Tom Kelley's Studio

Date: Taken May 27, 1949, Published December 1953

A Unique Opportunity

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